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Plenary Program

AFCC Conference Plenary Program

Plenary Program Information


There will be three plenaries with featured keynote opinion and thought leaders as they discuss the state of play for the areas of growth opportunities. Attendees will learn about the necessary factors to successful commercialization and decarbonization in sustainable aviation fuels, alternative fuels, renewable chemicals (includes bioplastics), biomaterials, food ingredients and additives, flavors and fragrances, alternative proteins, and regenerative agriculture.


The plenaries at the conference will include diverse and dynamic speakers, a broad range of content from keynotes to panel discussions and innovation for a sustainable future. All other sessions will stop for the plenaries.

Lunch Plenary Session, Monday, November 13, 11:45 to 1:15 PM (ET) - Cherry Blossom Ballroom


Opening Remarks from The Honorable John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana

Jim Pillen.jpg

Introductory Remarks from The Honorable Jim Pillen, Governor of Nebraska

Global Energy Transition: Building the Circular Biobased Economy


Sponsored by:

John Akridge.jpeg

Moderator: John Akridge, CEO, Height Capital Markets


John Bissell.jpg

John Bissell


Origin Materials

Mike Darcy.jpg

Michael Darcy


DG Fuels

philip keating.jpg

Philip Keating


Delta Biofuel LLC

Paul Schubert.jpg

Paul Schubert


Strategic Biofuels


Dan Shapiro


Fidelis New Energy (invited)

The global energy transition is driven by the urgency to reduce carbon emissions and reconstruct a clean energy economy. This transition is impossible without new, innovative technologies, business models, and commitment to infrastructure biobased manufacturing development.  AFCC’s member companies are at the forefront of the energy transition whether it is biofuels, renewable chemicals, or biobased products.   We believe that their innovations will play a critical role in creating a more sustainable future for all.  Focus on advancing biobased manufacturing in regionality is one example that will be part of the conversation from leaders in the sector.

Breakfast Plenary Session, Tuesday, November 14, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM (ET) - Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Opening Remarks from The Honorable John Carney, Governor of Delaware

Sustainable Renewable Specialty Chemicals for Well-being

Sponsored By:

David Demirjian.jpg

Moderator: Dr. David Demirjian, President & CEO of zuChem, President of Midwest Bioprocessing


Fabio Campanile.jpeg

Fabio Campanile

Head of Science


Marc Delcourt.jpeg

Marc Delcourt


Global Bioenergies

David Henstrom.jpg

David Henstrom



Colleen May.png

Colleen May



Consumers are increasingly seeking products with natural or renewable ingredients, enhanced performance qualities, or environmental benefits.  The use of industrial biotechnology presents an opportunity to meet these consumer demands.  The use of renewable resources in the production of flavors, fragrances, personal care, cosmetics, additives with enhanced performance qualities providing benefits to well-being is becoming more a need from consumers.  This is providing a challenge to manufacturers seeking to keep consumer goods at competitive costs.  Panelists representing the renewable specialty chemicals segment will provide insight on innovative technologies to scale, challenges in the supply chain, and capital investments for building small-scale production plants.  

Lunch Plenary Session, Tuesday, November 14, 11:45 to 1:15 PM (ET) - Cherry Blossom Ballroom

Tim Gannon.jpg

Opening Remarks from Tim Gannon, Chief of Staff, Farm Production and Conservation, Office of the Secretary

Potential SAF Commercialization Gaps and Solutions

Sponsored By: 

Plasma Development.png
Steve Csonka.jpg

​Moderator: Steve Csonka, Executive Director, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI)


Jeff Marootian.jpg

Jeff Marootian
Senior Advisor and Nominated Assistant Secretary, DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Carol (Annie) Petsonk.jpg

Carol (Annie) Petsonk

Assistant Secretary

Aviation and International Affairs

Dr. Binyam Reja.jpeg

Dr. Binyam Reja

Global Vice Presidency Transport

The World Bank

Michael Sargeant.jpeg

Michael Sargeant

Vice President, Renewable Aviation


Andrew Wishnia 2.jpg

Andrew Wishnia

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy

The leaders for the panels will engage in conversations of the recent policy benefits in the passage of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) 2022, continued needs in the sector, accounting for carbon emissions reaching the goals set for 2050 and SAF Grand Challenge.  Engaging in the discussion are policy makers and producers outlining what has been done in cementing environmental footprint, challenges, solutions, and how to overcome gaps in this sector.

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