Performance Award

2021 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Performance Award

Tuesday November 16 - 8:00 am – 9: 30 am - BREAKFAST PLENARY SESSION

This award is given to Manus Bio in recognition for their stellar performance and achievements in advancing science, assisting, and taking appropriate measures for initiating the production, manufacture, and commercialization of industrial biotechnology products.  Their contributions can be measured in making our planet an environmentally cleaner and safer place to live in.  This award is sponsored by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publisher of the journal Industrial Biotechnology.

Manus Bio is applying a novel proprietary BioAssemblyLine™ Cell Factory engineering platform to produce complex natural ingredients used in our daily lives as food ingredients, flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals. The company has successfully scaled and launched multiple products and has a rich pipeline of other products that will follow in the near future. Along with its R&D site in Cambridge, Manus Bio operates a 44-acre manufacturing plant (re-purposed NutraSweet production facility) in Augusta, GA, for scaling up and producing its products. As such, it represents one of the rare success stories in this industry of the development of a technology platform from inception all the way to commercialization.


Manus Bio has developed a commercial cell factory engineering platform, BioAssemblyLineTM, rooted in Design-Learn – The Design-Build-Test-Learn (DBTL) cycle is a common engineering paradigm in industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology to describe the process of optimizing a strain or process. They have built a unique cell factory engineering platform combining data-driven design, semi-combinatorial engineering, and quantitative characterization and learning which significantly minimizes the cost of product development. As a testament to the power of the platform technology and has successfully launched and commercialized multiple products with significantly low investment.

They have focused on economical sustainability and scalability to ensure the translation of its technology to multiple products.  While it has been encouraging to see significant investments into industrial biotechnology and metabolic engineering companies in recent years, the long-term success of this industry relies on the translation of those investments into returns and profits that are commensurate with the size of the initial investments. Manus Bio has set itself up for long-term economical sustainability, raising and deploying capital ($100M in total investment) with a focus on leanness, efficiency, and innovation. In fact, the launch of Manus Bio’s multiple commercial products represents the lowest cost entry into the market of any other metabolic engineering/synthetic biology company in this field.

They have already successfully demonstrated the ability to scale-up their technology and manufacture products at scale.  Manus Bio’s focus has always been on the translation of a technology to produce ingredients that benefit society. One of the keys for achieving this has been Manus Bio’s acquisition, recommissioning, and operation of an advanced precision manufacturing facility (former NutraSweet site in Augusta, GA) with more than 1.3 million liter of fermentation capacity and associated downstream units. By securing its own site for piloting and production, Manus Bio has yet again distinguished itself from other peer companies in the field.  The transition to owned manufacturing ensures access to the lowest scale-up and manufacturing costs and the highest degree of control on the process, thus bolstering Manus Bio’s mission to provide high-quality natural ingredients to the world.


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