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AFCC Conference Workshop Sessions

Workshop Session Details

The AFCC Workshop sessions will offer a hands-on approach to learning in addition to skills-building. These sessions will offer a moderated, in-depth discussion among a group of experts offering diverse viewpoints around a particular topic.

The Workshop sessions are for those who seek to grow their industrial biotechnology knowledge, investment opportunities, government funding and for those seeking capital and sustainable solutions to real-world problems. These workshops will be packed with high energy and a must-attend event.

The 2021 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Conference & Exhibit organizes these workshops in order to connect you, the attendee, to industry leaders’ suppliers, investors, government agencies, engineering and construction organizations, technology insurance solutions, and peers. AFCC workshops are sponsored events from both public and private organizations. 

Deadline to submit Workshop Abstracts is July 30, 2021.

Workshop sessions will be focused on the following three subject areas:


Each workshop session will be 90 minutes with one moderator and four to five panelists.

If you are a public or private organization interested in sponsoring an educational and attendee-participation interactive Workshop session, please submit your abstract.  We are looking for cutting edge innovations, sharing critical business development insights and offering educational points to help the global biobased economy.

All events will stop for workshops. The subject, scope and acceptance of the proposed workshop will be determined by the Abstract submitted. 


The workshop session moderator and speaker registration fees will be waived although all speakers and/or moderators are required to register.

Stay tuned for more Workshop session details as they become available.