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FY2024 Appropriation Requests:

49 Requests /

19 Priorities

AFCC members are able to have a voice in and directly influence legislation affecting the alternative fuels,

renewable chemicals, and biobased products industries


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AFCC's FY2024 appropriations requests

Several of AFCC's FY2024 legislative requests
have been incorporated into its appropriations requests, including:

* Requested improvements to USDA's Section 9002 BioPreferred Program;
​Section 9003 Biorefinery, Renewable Chemicals, Manufacturing Assistance Loan Guarantee Program; and reinstatement of the Section 9010-11 BCAP Program to assist with wildfire management and renewable biomass procurement.

*  A proposed $500 million grant program, to be administered by the DOE's Loan Programs Office, to provide cost-share grants to projects that have the potential to qualify for the DOE's Title 17 Loan Guarantee program, with the grants provided as development capital to enable promising projects to complete final Technology Readiness Level (TRL) development and the necessary pre-construction steps to be eligible to apply for the Title 17 program.

* An amendment to the Clean Air Act to define "Forest Residuals," which may be removed from federal lands in areas at risk from wildfires, as shown on U.S. Forest Service wildlife hazard maps, which may be used to produce value-added, renewable products which, to provide the necessary incentives to private sector entities to retrieve these residues "shall qualify for the State and Federal incentives for the production of said products."

* A carve-out from the FY2024 appropriation for one of DOT's existing programs  to work with state departments of transportation, transportation associations, and highway construction industry associations to encourage States to use advanced, innovative, transformative, and sustainable technologies and materials in all federally funded transportation projects.


Legislative &
Funding Requests

10 Requests / 4 Priorities


Commerce, Justice & Science
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Energy & Water
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Interior & Environment
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