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Industrial Biotechnology Journal 

The Industrial Biotechnology Journal is a leading peer-reviewed journal on science, business, and policy developments for the emerging global bio-economy for biochemists, biologists, chemists, microbiologists, synthetic biologists, chemical manufacturers and engineers,  environmental engineers, agricultural engineers, agronomists, marine and extreme environment scientists.

Industrial Biotechnology is the Official Journal of AFCC

AFCC Benefit of Membership


AFCC Member Individuals are entitled to a deeply discounted subscription rate of $149/year. That is 75% off the regular personal online rate and includes unlimited access to the fully searchable archive of published articles. 


Industrial Biotechnology is the authoritative, peer-reviewed bimonthly research journal focused on biobased industrial and environmental products and processes. The journal is the first and longest-running publication to report the science, business, and policy developments of the emerging global bio-economy, including biobased production of energy and fuels, chemicals, materials, and consumer goods. The Journal publishes critically reviewed original research in all related sciences (biology, biochemistry, chemical and process engineering, agriculture). In addition, it has expert commentary on current policy, funding, markets, business, legal issues, and science trends. Industrial Biotechnology offers a premier forum bridging basic research and R&D with later-stage commercialization for sustainable biobased industrial and environmental applications.

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