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Performance Award


The 2023 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Performance Award Recipient

This award is given to Solugen in recognition for advancing science and introducing the world’s first carbon-negative molecule factory.


This ground-breaking chemoenzymatic technology delivers high-performance, cost competitive, and sustainable renewable chemicals for a wide range of market applications.

Solugen believes and practices catalyzing planet-scale change starts with reimagining the chemistry used every day – by fusing biology, chemistry, and cutting-edge technology. Solugen’s contributions can be measured in making our planet an environmentally cleaner and safer place to live in. This award is sponsored by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publisher of the Journal Industrial Biotechnology.



Solugen’s Bioforge™ is an entirely new manufacturing platform that combines the biobased feedstocks and specificity of fermentation with the throughput, cost effectiveness, and scalability of traditional chemistry to manufacture the chemicals and materials that underpin modern life; all without emissions or waste.


The modularity of the Bioforge™ means it can be built and adapted faster, decentralizing manufacturing, and minimizing the transport of materials.



Today, Solugen uses biobased feedstocks to produce a line of organic acids that replace chemicals that were traditionally made using petroleum and natural gas.


The products are sold either directly, or as formulated products blended to suit customer specific needs. In addition to a reduced environmental impact, Solugen’s products are designed with high performance and cost efficiency. Solugen is actively expanding its pipeline of molecules to include plastics, amines, glycols, and several other commonly used chemistries that underpin a significant portion of modern life.



Solugen’s existing product lines serve the Energy, Construction, Agriculture, Water, Home Care, and Cleaning markets. Additional research efforts are currently underway for the development of applications into the Personal Care, and Food & Beverage markets.



• Minetta – Solugen’s lead R&D facility in Houston, TX, which includes over 20,000 sqft of lab space, a 10,000 ton capacity Bioforge, and 10,000 sqft of warehouse and storage space.

• Slaton – Solugen’s distribution warehouse that serves its customers in the West Texas area, primarily in the Energy sector. It has 20,000 sqft of warehouse and storage space as well as multiple blenders and a wide range of logistics capabilities.

• Phoenix Tower – Solugen’s corporate headquarters. Office space for executives as well as other support functions such as Finance, HR, Legal, and Commercial.



Solugen is actively working towards a large-scale build out of a network of Bioforges that will produce the key building blocks and final products that form the basis of the new Bioeconomy. Over the next 10 years, Solugen aims to launch a wide array of new molecules and build multiple commercial scale Bioforges to produce them.



2016 Founded

200+ Employees

$2B+ Valuation

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