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Performance Award


The 2024 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Performance Award

AFCC is seeking prospective recipient for the 2024 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Performance Award, presented to an organization or an individual in the organization in recognition for advancing our sector.  Please provide nominees, who you believe should be awarded by filling out the information requested in the attachment.  The description for the award is shown below. The date to receive nominations by is Monday, April 29, 2024

2024 AFCC Global Biobased Economy Performance Award

This award is given to an organization, public or private, for their stellar performance and achievements in advancing science, assisting, and taking appropriate measures for initiating the production, manufacture, and commercialization of industrial biotechnology products.  Their contributions can be measured in making our planet an environmentally cleaner and safer place to live in.  The award is meant for an individual in an organization or is awarded to the organization.  The award is sponsored by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publisher of the Journal Industrial Biotechnology.

Thanks for submitting!

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