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AFCC members are able to have a voice in and directly influence legislation affecting the alternative fuels & chemicals industries


The Alternative Fuels & Chemical Coalition (AFCC) will post summaries in this space of news and reports on its Capitol Hill activities, notices of key hearings and conferences, issues to watch, and alerts so that non-members can stay abreast of developments affecting the alternative fuels, renewable chemicals, biobased products, and sustainable aviation fuels industries. These summaries will be posted below this message.

Non-members are encouraged to join as sponsors of AFCC so that they can obtain full details on these issues, provide input and suggestions on the coalition's proposed positions and actions, and have their voices included and their needs represented by AFCC.

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Welcome to the Alternative Fuels & Chemicals Coalition's News & Reports Page
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AFCC News & Reports - January 2021:

On January 27, 2021, Climate Day, President Biden issued the Executive Order addressing climate change policy and scientific integrity, which include a moratorium on new oil and gas lease permits on federal lands and waters, revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, and establishing a moratorium of federal leases in Arctic Wildlife Refuge.  The Climate Day Orders represent the President’s first comprehensive steps to tackle climate change issues domestically and internationally and implement his $2 trillion “whole-of-government” climate plan. 

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